Boat hire

If you want to go fishing, or just want to take a trip on the Geiranger fjord, we have motor boats for hire. Discover some of Norways most famous waterfalls on your own: the Seven Sisters, Friaren and Brudesløret waterfalls. We also rent fishing eqipment. The boats are all easy to drive and you don't need any driving licence. Instructions will be given.

Important: We don't take pre bookings for the boats. Please just come and ask in the reception when you want to hire a boat. Gasoline and life wests are included in the prices. The maximum period when renting a boat for the day is from 10 AM until 8 PM.

More about the boats: Pioner 13 is approved for maximum 5 adults, however: we recommend it for maximum 4 adults (or 3 adults and 2 children). Pioner Maxi is ideal for sightseeing (not for fishing) for 1-3 persons. However, it is approved for maximum 4 persons. Pioner 15 is approved for maximum 6 people.

Pioner 13 (8HP) Pioner Maxi (10HP) Pioner 15 (15HP) Pioner 15 (25HP)
1 hour 320kr 360kr 400kr 550kr
2 hours 520kr 580kr 700kr 900kr
3 hours 720kr 800kr 950kr 1350kr
4 hours 920kr 1020kr 1200kr 1750kr
1 day 1200kr 1300kr 1450kr 2250kr

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Hike to Skageflå

Motor boat to Skagehola and hike up to Skageflå and back to Geiranger

This hike is not only a big nature experience, it also make a big impression when you try to imagine that people really lived here only one hundred years ago. To get there, just ask in the reception. You drive yourself in a hired boat out in the fjord to the starting point of the path, and we will bring the boat back. The boat is very easy to drive, you do not need any driving licence and we will show you how it works. A walk from the fjord up to the farm of Skageflå takes about 30 minutes. From there the path goes further up to Homlongssætra, which is the highest point on the trip, and then back to Geiranger. In total this hike takes about 3 hours. Just ask in the reception to order this special boat trip!

Price boat trip: Nok 500,- (max 4 persons). This trip is a special offer only for our guests in the cabins and on our camp site.

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Hike to the Storseterfossen waterfall

The hike starts at the Westerås farm about 3 km from our place. It takes about 45 minuttes to walk up to the waterfall. You can walk behind the waterfall. Easy walk.

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Hike to Løsta

The hike starts at the Westerås farm. It takes about 40 minuttes to walk to the viewpoint. Easy walk.

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Day trips in the mountains which surrounds Geiranger.

Geiranger is the perfect destination for those who wants to be active. You don´t need to walk far to get to stunning viewpoints or beautiful sceneries. If you want to take a day trip in the mountains we have many suggestions for you. Just ask in the reception when you arrive and we will help you find a route that will suit you. In this overview we have some pictures from day trips to the top of Vinsåshornet mountain, Laushornet mountain and Geitfonneggja mountain. The first walk will take about 10 hours, while the tho other will take about 5 hours. Just remember: in the spring there are still snow in the mountains. The best time for day trips in the mountains is therefore July, August and September. Medium to high difficulty.

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Mountain Dalsnibba

It is possible to drive all the way to the top of mountain Dalsnibba (1495 meters above the sea level). This road is a toll road. Time: about 40 minuttes from the centre of Geiranger.


Flydalsjuvet is one of Norway´s most famous view points! Distance only 4 km, or 10 minuttes, from Geirangefjorden Feriesenter.


Ørnesvingen (or The Eagle Bend translated into English) is the last bend on the Eagle road. Distance: about 5 km from Geirangerfjorden Feriesenter by car. Beautiful view on the Geiranger fjord. Far away it is possible to get a glimpse of the Seven Sisters waterfalls.

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